Power up your entire omnichannel order fulfillment
Inventory Management
Layered inventory modeling allows flexible inventory strategy and easy omnichannel management.
Store inventory mirrors the inventory of each store or warehouse.
Virtual inventory allows allocating certain inventory for marketing campaigns.
Channel inventory is the calculated inventory that is ready to be synced to channels.
Omnichannel Order Management
Receives and processes orders from all points of sale, including online, physical stores, and other more.
Expose store inventory to online shoppers, and provide flexible fulfillment options.
Smart order routing: by location & channel, back order rerouting, split order when out of stock, and manual routing.
Share & Sync Inventory
Single centralized view to manage all channel inventory.
Allow inventory sharing and allocation by each online store.
Allow detailed safety stock rule settings to maximize sales while preventing oversell.
High-performance inventory sync within seconds.
Integration & Service
Powerful integration with your ERP, eCommerce storefront, POS systems, warehouse management system, and more.
Unleash the power of 1000+ APIs and 100+ applications on our SpeedShop open API platform.
Cloud-based: your data and applications are available 24/7 from anywhere, with minimal tech support.
The difference that SpeedShop OMS brings is its flexibility, to service our customers we can now ship-from-store, ship-to-store, and click and collect. We believe we have a very compelling offer that is truly more omnichannel than any of our competition.
The real omnichannel eCommerce
Sell  faster . Sell  better . Sell  more .
Manage Reviews
Channel Inventory
Channel Order
Delivery Order
Order Fulfillment Rules
Refund Result
Service Order
Return Request
Order sync>25,000/minInventory sync <5 minOversell < 0.5%Availability>99.99%
Customer stories
Dramatically improved order tracking, inventory management, fulfillment, and reporting.
Orders are automatically routed to the proper shipper or made available for free in-store pick-up.
Took only 6 months to replace OMS, SFS, and brands e-store, and significantly reduce implementation cost.
Values created for global brands across industries.
Advanced architecture
Micro-service and API-first design to enable a flexible architecture and maximize IT assets. Cloud-native and seconds to scale.
Centralized platform
Centralized product, order, inventory, and store services to allow a single truth. No integration is needed between systems.
Rich successful experience
Our eCommerce digital platform has been used by hundreds of brands, over 2,000 stores, and deployed in multiple countries.
Global deployment success cases
Over 10 international deployment instances & business cases that enable brands to internationalize and expand.